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A Motivated Buyer From Houston

Motivated Buyer, Motivated Seller
Call Us @ (281) 972 - 4555 We Can Help You.

So, what is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear that - motivated buyer!

First and foremost, a motivated buyer from Houston is a salesman and his best product is himself. What a seller needs to know is that he is dealing with someone who knows his business, a person that has a creative solution to his Real Estate diversity of situations and, more importantly, that you will be dealing with someone that can be trusted (and, of course, you can be trusted).

So the most important fact here is how to engage an emotional connection with the seller... that will get you through the front door far easier than showing off a flood of meaningless facts and figures. The truth is that he's really not interested that you know fifty different ways to buy a house. His interest is in you as a reliable Real Estate expert and how you can satisfy his specific needs right away. Is that makes sense?:)

When a seller is motivated he doesn't need to seek out buyers. He is willing to offer his property at a lower than market value price, so buyers will find him. What he does need to know is if he's dealing with a Real Estate professional or not -- a person he can trust, someone who is understanding his position and a person who will make him an attractive and fair offer.

Your greatest assets as a buyer, a motivated buyer, are to be able to understand the seller's needs, offering viable and yet profitable solutions having the ability to gain his trust in you as his Real Estate expert. At the end that is called... a win-win situation.

Motivated Buyer, Motivated Seller
We Can Make You a Fair Offer Before Foreclosure Call Us @ (281) 972 - 4555 We Can Help You.

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