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Sell Without a Realtor In Houston Texas

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

One - if not the first option - that many people think about when they decide to sell their house in Houston or any place in north america is selling through a Realtor. If you have experience you must know that generally this is Not a FAST solution. And not necessarily the one that pay you the most. If that is in your scope of options you should know that the average days that your house will be in the market could be over 120 days. Not too fast if you are in a hurry due to that particular situation... you know what it is! Many people often have the wrong idea that listing your house with a Realtor means that you will get a full price offer when the reality is much different... just start resting the 6% commission of the realtor. I won't enumerate all you have to deduct from the price tag that you had in mind because I titled this article to make you aware that you can Sell Without a Realtor in Houston Texas

Sell Without a Realtor In Houston Texas
Sell Without a Realtor In Houston Texas Call Today @ (281) 972-4555

Sell to a Real Estate Investor. As you have heard a real estate investor is a person that buys single family houses, apartments complexes or commercial properties and not to live in it. But to either rent it out, renovate, or resell at a later time (fix and flip). Going to a real estate investor that buy houses has some big advantages over the traditional sale using an agent. One example could be something like the following picture... a homeowner has a house that is in need of some major repairs so he/she or them talked with a real estate investor and after negotiations they might be able to obtain a better deal than the one they couldn't afford dealing with the RE agent through a "normal sale".

The thing is that you as the seller will be receiving a cash offer for your house and... as is! The advantage of the RE investor is that they provide a simple and hassle free solution to sell your house fast and for cash. All you have, as a seller, is to be willing to offer a discount on the purchase price.

What are the benefits of accepting this offer? It can definitely help out a homeowner if they are trying to avoid foreclosure by selling the house this way. Homeowners that are going through financial hardships or one of those forcing situations in life might even be able to stay in the house as a renter if the investor thinks that they will make a good tenant. that is one of many alternatives.

Since investors buy your house "as-is" you don't need to make any repairs yourself, remodel, clean up or anything. No Realtor fees, no closing costs. No bank headaches. So selling to an investor means a fast closing, most likely in a period of 30 days, and many times faster. It is up to you. You just sell your house quicker and collect your cash!

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